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Min Pin Goes to Dog Training Camp said in March 10 2008 -

[…] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt Diesel is a 5yr old male Miniature Pinscher, who loved to go to Dog Park here in San Diego, until one day he was seriously injured by another larger dog. Unfortunately, this was not his last incident involving dog attack and though he was a very sweet boy, he has become fearful and aggressive towards people and dogs. Worst of all, Diesel started “marking” his territory all over the house! Min Pin’s are a hearty breed; they are very determined and love to bark. Descendants of the terrier bre […]

Dog Traning » Blog Archive » Min Pin Goes to Dog Training Camp said in March 15 2008 -

[…] unknown just wrote an article aboutHere’s a preview of it: […]

sitstayfetch said in March 22 2008 -


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dog training secrets said in March 22 2008 -

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dog training advice said in August 17 2008 -

Correct use of the training leash is important, not only during training sessions, but at all times. Always having a loop over your thumb and your hand closed into a fist, prevents even the strongest dog from unexpectedly jerking the leash through your fingers and breaking free. Whether it’s the hand-loop or a loop formed by marrying the leash over your thumb, the result is the same. Pulling on the leash merely causes your grip to tighten